Boulder has become a common name when talking about concrete, but we are so much more than that. From starting off as one of Iowa’s premier installers of bridge approach sections and other reinforced paving to now also offering demolition, floor finishing, laying foundations, and hauling anything and everything.

Aging infrastructure and deficient bridges have become a crisis for counties and the DOT to manage. As the number of structures needing attention exceeds their funding, many counties and cities have come up with new and innovative methods to repair bridges as opposed to replacing them. Boulder Contracting has been on the forefront of this advanced thinking and has excelled at the specialized and difficult nature of these projects. We have worked with and for some of the largest contractors in Iowa completing projects on the interstates and highways that keep the public moving.

Agriculture is a booming industry here in Iowa, and we are here to help. We specialize in any foundation needed. Whether you need a to tear down old buildings, build a new shop or dairy barn, or customize your flooring, we can make your dreams come true.