Our History

Our journey has been (and still is) the culmination of countless late evening dreaming, swapping thoughts and ideas over cocktails, and sleepless nights imagining “what if”, until finally the calling grew too loud to ignore and we said goodbye to our old careers to embark on a new journey. After much time discussing, dreaming, and planning- it became official, and Boulder Contracting was born.

Our first office was in a basement near Dike with some bed sheets hung from the joists for privacy. Most of 2013 was spent traversing central Iowa in a 1993 Ford F350 that was purchased for scrap iron price- building anything and everything we could while reinvesting every penny back into the business hoping that someday, we would have a company to be proud of. Now, we most certainly do.

Payroll has grown to include approximately 48 employees and our white pickups with black wheels are reaching every corner of the state. We continue to diversify and enter more markets and have completed over 600 jobs to date. Equipment is getting bigger, jobs are getting larger, and our trucks are getting taller and louder.

Now, after many sleepless nights and caffeine fueled days, we celebrate over 10-years and look forward to many more. We are grateful and humbled by the support of our friends, family, and community. Thank you to all who have helped us along the way.